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There’s great news for people whose only choice used to be dial-up access. DSL, cable, and wireless internet providers are now entering these areas and expanding their coverage very quickly. Dial-up internet now only makes up 12% of connections in rural areas, but DSL is climbing fast at 38% of all internet connections. Wireless is also making really good progress at about twenty percent. This is terrific news for a large portion of the population who may not have had full access to all the benefits the internet offers. For those who will continue to have to wait for these other technologies to infiltrate their region, there is still satellite internet, which has come down a fair amount in price.


For years, a dial-up internet connection was the only way for folks who lived in rural areas of this country, and many other countries as well to get online. Why? It was because they couldn’t be reached by cable or DSL. Then along came satellite internet connections, and many of ┬árural citizen got to enjoy internet for the very first time. In a recent study, however, it appears that satellite is no longer #1 for high-speed internet in rural areas. Today, DSL is the most popular way for people in the country to get online. That is followed by mobile wireless internet connections and then satellite internet. The good news is that an increasing number of people, regardless of where they live can now enjoy high speed connections.