There are many stories about the negative impact of technology on drivers and pedestrians, specifically the distractions of cell phones. Distracted driving and even walking accidents seem to be on the rise, along with the imposed fines for those who text as they drive. Today, a driver can lose their license for repeated distracted driving offences. And a driver is 23 times more likely to crash as a result of texting while driving, a greater risk than even driving while impaired. The reasons people continue to text as they drive may be many and varied, but none make sense when lives are at stake.

Technology is helping to keep drivers’ eyes on the road. There are multiple innovations which prevent the driver from texting, such as Texecution, which completely disables the texting features of a phone when a vehicle reaches a certain speed, and then enabling those features once the vehicle comes to a stop.  Other apps like reads SMS and email messages aloud, eliminating the need for the driver to look at their device. MobileEye alerts the driver to potential collision situations, in addition to hazards further up the road. It can also interpret road signs and turn a vehicle’s headlights on and off.

Although there are many impressive innovations that can help drivers avoid accidents while texting and driving, many say it’s not enough. Some apps require a driver to look at their phone as they drive to alter features or activate a particular feature set. Others, meant to be installed by parents onto childrens’ phones, can easily be uninstalled by the child. The one method that may have the highest guarantee of working is to not engage in the practice of texting and driving whatsoever, or pulling the vehicle over if a text or email needs to be responded to.