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The small town of Carrizozo, New Mexico, is located at the intersections of U.S. Highways Route 54 and Route 380. Founded in the late 1800s, Carrizozo was named after its lush abundance of grass. The rich history of this community began with its importance as a railroad town.

Carrizozo is situated at the northern edge of the Tularosa Basin, which is located in the Sacramento mountain range. As such, there is a high desert climate in addition to the pine trees and world-renowned skiing that can be found at the Lincoln National Forest under an hour away.

Although a small town of only about 1,000 people, Carrizozo boasts many opportunities to shop, stay and eat. There is also a bustling art community and recently-opened Heritage Museum where visitors can learn more about Carrizozo’s history.

Carrizozo today is the seat of the county, with a wide range of attractions nearby, including the Three Rivers Petroglyph site, Valley of Fires Lava Flow, and White Oaks, an old gold mining town.

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