Judicial Divorce Procedure And The Aftermath

Divorce is basically the process of legally terminating a matrimonial bond by either party. It also involves the rearranging or cancellation of the existing legal obligations and duties of marriage, thereby dissolving the remaining legal bonds of matrimonial relationship between a married couple in accordance with the rules of law of that particular state or country. In fact, the concept of divorce itself comes from the Latin word “divis” which means division. Hence divorce can be seen as an important event in a person’s life, particularly in the man’s life. Divorce is a decision based on a number of factors that have to be considered, such as age, the standard of living, the value of each individual as a spouse, duration of marriage/cohabitation, children of the union and so on.

What Happens In Divorce And Types Of Divorce

Usually, in most cases, the couples who are about to go for divorce proceedings are the ones who want to end their marriages and those who are unable to resolve their conflicts over property, child custody, visitation rights and so on. A divorce has a number of outcomes, such as a divorce might grant the couple to live their own life; a divorce might grant the couple to remarry; a divorce could annul the marriage; a divorce could dissolve the marriage without any children. The last outcome of a divorce is especially interesting since it can lead to remarriage and the formation of a new family. However, it should also be kept in mind that a divorce does not always spell the end to a marital relationship, especially if the couple has children together.

There are two types of divorces, namely judicial and non-judicial. Judicial divorce happens when the couple has approached the court to settle their matrimonial problems. The couple will present their case to the court will decide the terms of the divorce. Judicial divorce is a longer process than the non-judicial one because the couple will be able to present more information to the courts. In non-judicial divorce, on the other hand, the courts will just determine the termination of a matrimonial relationship. The courts do not have any role in determining the financial division of assets and liabilities of the parties involved in the matrimonial relationship.

Process Of Judicial Divorce

During the divorce process, both the husband and the wife of the couple are examined by the court. The court determines which party is financially benefited from the marriage, which assets are transferred, and which debts should be paid for by the party benefiting from the divorce. The process might continue until the court decides the distribution of assets, liabilities, and debt of the parties involved. However, the spouses themselves have the choice on how they wish to conduct the divorce process.

To start with, you need to locate a reliable divorce efficient and best syariah lawyer Singapore for couples. You can easily search for a divorce lawyer through the internet. Try to contact a few divorce lawyers who can provide good service based on your needs and the type of divorce being processed. Most divorce lawyers accept the cases of clients with different kinds of divorces. Therefore, before you discuss the divorce case with the divorce lawyer, you need to decide whether you are going to file for a peaceful divorce, or for a divorce that will involve some litigation.

A peaceful divorce process starts with a thorough analysis of the couple’s relationship and the factors that led to the formation of the relationship. A marriage breakup should be a joint decision. If there are children from the marriage, they should also get their own lawyer to represent their interests during the divorce procedure. The divorce process will continue until both the parties agree on the terms of divorce and settlement of their property and debt issues.

The divorce lawyers will help the couples to settle their financial matters like the division of their accumulated assets and liabilities, marital debt, alimony, child custody, and the division of their marital property. There are also matters on the divorce proceedings like filing for the divorce, preparation of divorce documents, providing the respondent with necessary divorce papers, and other related matters. The divorce lawyers will also help the couples deal with the court procedures and the rules that govern the process. This is essential to enable couples to save time and money in the long run.

Both parties have the right to hire their own divorce lawyer. It is important to choose a divorce lawyer that is experienced, qualified, and friendly. The couples should not hire those lawyers who pressure them to reach a conclusion regarding their marriage breakdown. An experienced divorce lawyer will know all the options available to them and will work towards getting the fairest outcome for their client. Thus, a complete divorce process is possible with the help of competent divorce lawyers.